Split Systems are the perfect solution for air conditioning
one room or a specific area of a home.

A wide variety of models are offered to suit your requirements and are available in either wall mounted or floor standing type.

Being a preferred partner in the Daikin Specialist Dealer Network, we are pleased to announce that Daikin is the only split system to receive approval from The National Asthma Council Australia.

Split Systems are ideal for:

  • Heating and cooling individual rooms in your home
  • Compact Spaces

Quite simply, a Split System Air Conditioner is designed for individual areas in your home.

For instance, you may only want to air condition the baby’s room, or maybe the main living area where you do most of your entertaining. Or perhaps your own bedroom, for those humid nights.

With a Split System, the compressor is installed outside your house or perhaps on the balcony of your apartment, and the unit that passes air into your home is either discreetly wall mounted or we can also install a compact floor-standing unit.

What are the
advantages of a Split System?

There are two main benefits:

  • The first is that a Split System is more economical than other types of Air Conditioning systems, as you’re only buying and installing one unit at a time. With today’s increasing energy prices, they also typically use less energy than some other systems.
  • The second benefit of a Split System is that they allow you to select the specific room/s you want to limit the air conditioning too.

We’re a proud DAIKIN Specialist Dealer Network partner