Major Brands

Major Air-conditioning Brands We Supply & Service

Here at Total Climate Control, we’re proud to provide homes and businesses all along the Sydney’s Northern Beaches with complete air conditioning installation in addition to professional repair services. Our team of specialists work with systems and units from all the major brands and manufacturers.


As world leaders in air conditioning technology, Daikin has been cooling homes and offices across Australia for almost half a decade. With world-class, nationally-based production facilities, their quality air conditioning units are expertly manufactured right here in Sydney at a state-of-the-art facility outfitted with the latest in cutting edge technology. Installation and repairs are made easy, thanks to their sturdy design. By focusing on bringing climate-controlled comfort to homes and business all across Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Daikin lead the air conditioner industry in energy efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Fujitsu offers exceptional air conditioners that cover both residential and commercial applications for a whole host of environments in Sydney. Their premium quality air conditioners range from wall mounted systems that work wonders as standalone units for individual rooms, ducted units for air conditioning a number of rooms and even ultra-thin ceiling and floor consoles that offer consistent airflow. For truly unobtrusive air conditioning, Fujitsu’s cassette and ducted systems effectively serve as slim, discreet and compact solutions for any home or office. Their efficient designs mean repairs are a breeze.


When it comes to highly efficient air conditioning systems, Panasonic’s extensive range of quality units and professionally manufactured product lines can help you combat those hot Sydney summers. Equipped with intelligent and high precision eco sensor technology, Panasonic Econavi systems allow for simple installation and effortless automatic operation – this ensures you stay comfortable while saving big on your energy bills. Their inverter systems work smarter to either heat or cool your rooms faster while simultaneously making for drastic reductions in your household energy consumption rates.