Air Conditioning Repairs

Air Conditioning Repairs Sydney Metropolitan and Northern Beaches

When the extreme heat of summer hits, most people switch on their air conditioner, ready to enjoy the cool blast that will soon suffuse the house. However, if your air conditioning system has not been used through the cool months of winter, you may find the system is not working as it should be or perhaps not operating at all. This creates an uncomfortable home and restless sleep for adults, kids and pets.

Many things can happen to your air conditioning system over the intervening colder months, from the filters clogging up to the need for re-gassing.  If you find yourself in this situation, and are located in the Sydney metropolitan area or on the Northern Beaches, contact Total Climate Control for all your home air conditioning repair needs.

Don’t let the hot weather get you down in the workplace. Industrial and commercial air conditioning systems can break down just as much as a home systems. It’s important for safety reasons in the workplace that the temperature levels are monitored and that any faulty air conditioning system is looked at by a trained professional.

We specialise in air conditioning repairs in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs for all industrial and commercial units. As soon as we come and fix your air-con you will be able to enjoy that cool relief you expect.

While it is a simple matter to clean the filters, not all air conditioners are accessible and the safety of yourself and your workforce needs to be taken into account. Running a unit with clogged up filters will make it work harder and cost more, so it is worthwhile to have it done regularly. We can also inspect the unit to ensure it is in good order.

Call Total Climate Control today for any repairs or maintenance  to your air-conditioning system.